Air Pump Resun ACO-006 Electromagnetic Blower Air Pump

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Resun Electro Magnetic Air Pump is Convenient to operate without oil, Noise & Air Pollution. Cylinders & pistons are of excellent materials, which is strong & durable & have little wear after long time of working, Using high-quality aluminium alloy housing, good condition of heat dissipation. Widely used to provide oxygen in fish farms, restaurants & aquariums. Model :” ACO-006, Volt: 220V, Freq:50Hz, Power: 80W, Pressure: 0.030MPa, Output: 88L/Min, Dia.of Mouth: 10mm, Spec of Divider: 8outlets, weight: 3Kg, Size: 245x132x156mm


Power Consumption: 80W
Flow Rate: 5280 L/hr
Maximum Head Height: 15 cm
Power Source: Electrical
Suitable For: Salt Water and Fresh Water
Color: Silver Mix Black
Material: Aluminum Alloy
Power Cord Length: 137 cm


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