12V 160W Dual High Pressure Water Pump (auto on off) 8L/M

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Color: Black

Material: PVC +PU

Plug: cigarette lighter plug

Power: DC 12V

Working current: 4-6.5A

Power: 160W

Pressure: 0.85Mpa

Water flow: 7-9L/min

The maximum suction stroke (self-priming height) is 3 meters, and the lift (effective energy obtained by pumping liquid per unit weight) can reach 9-12 meters.

Water pipe size: 8.5m outlet pipe, 1.5m inlet pipe

Pump size: 193*145*63mm, cigarette lighter line length is about 2.8m

Premium Quality: The Diaphragm Water Pump is made of high quality material, 130psi high water pressure, acid and alkali resistance, corrosion resistance and pesticides resistance, long lifespan and low noise.

Energy Saving and Eco-friendly: Adopt high quality micro self-priming pump and high efficiency DC motor, this pump is a low power consumption and energy-saving product.

Easy to Use: The water hose can be easily connected with the water gun and the pump, ergonomic water gun design is comfortable and convenient to grip.

Safety: Use DV 12V safety voltage, car adapter is included, it won’t hurt human and animals.

Widely used in car cleaning, household cleaning, air-conditioning cleaning, garden spray, etc.

Packing list:

1 X Water Pump

1 X 1.5m Pipe with Water In Filter

1 X 8.0m PVC Pipe with Easy Connector (black and red random delivery)

1 X High Presure Water Gun

1Set x Accessories


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